Hmm Brushes anyone?

Heck yes.

Paintshop Brushes. Heck yes.
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Welcome to hmm_brushes! This is a brush community for Paint Shop Pro users maintained/owned by _like_woah_. I make Image packs and only image packs. The reason being, I only have Paint Shop pro 8 and that is why I make them! :D I was so sick of stumbling upon fantastic brushes but then realizing that they were JBR. files. Thus, the creation of my brush community. This community is members only, but join and use as many brushes as you desire. ^__^ Feel free to post your own brushes as well.

Every Community has rules!

1.) Comment ALWAYS when taking ANY brush set.
2.) Credit the maker if he/she asks you to. Stealing art will result in a ban.
3.) Be nice! This community was created to share and discuss graphic making/brushes, not for LJ Drama.
4.) This community is NOT for requests. You may ask questions, but we make these on our own free time! Thank you for respecting that.
5.) ALL POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY!! Please please please do this!
6.) Enjoy!

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